“Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a fantastic alternative to other hair loss solutions and gives my clients a major confidence boost. SMP can add greater density to existing hair and on shaved heads it’s a modern style in itself.”

Kelly Dawes is a certified Scalp Micropigmentation artist in Foli Sim’s Melbourne studio.

Kelly has helped countless clients since obtaining her certificate in May of 2017. She has since completed a Master SMP course with the renowned Brandwood Clinic in the UK and was nominated for Best International Artist whilst she attended the 2019 Team Micro Meeting of Minds SMP Conference in London.

As the daughter of Foli Sim’s General Manager, Michael Dawes, she’s devoted to providing stellar customer service, and is dedicated to the Foli Sim values.

“I decided to join my father and stepmother at Foli Sim when I saw how incredibly rewarding this line of work is, and just how much fun it can be!”

Find out more about Kelly in our Q&A blog post, and hear from some of her clients below.

Qualifications / Experience

2017 – SMP essentials 5-day workshop with Kate Dawes at Foli Sim SMP

2019 – Masterclass with Paul Clarke & Simon Lane Brandwood Clinic UK

Meeting of Minds Finalist in Best International technician

2020 – Mastering the hairline and Scar camouflage with Matt Iulo Scalp Micro USA

UNDO training accreditation

SMP Expo – Most natural hairline – Foli Sim SMP

2021 – Colour Theory Olympia Beauty SMP

2022 – Guest speaker and presentation at The Scalp Show conference / 3-day workshop in Las Vegas

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