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What does Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) look like?

Scalp Micropigmentation, which is sometimes referred to as hair tattoo, can give you many different outcomes, from creating the illusion of a thicker looking head of hair, restoring a receded hairline, covering thinning or bald patches, and even camouflaging scars. SMP looks like many microdots of pigment which are applied to the scalp in and around the hairline to achieve your desired outcome.
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How much does SMP cost?

The cost for Scalp Micropigmentation with Foli Sim will depend upon the pattern of hair loss, the size of the scalp area that is required to be covered, and if you have any scars on the scalp.
When you visit for your free initial consultation, your SMP artist will assess the above elements and tailor a recommended treatment plan with a total price, prior to commencing any treatments.
Here is a guide on what you may expect to pay:

* Mild hair loss: $500-$1200
* Medium hair loss: $1200-$2200
* Advanced hair loss: $2200-$3200

If you would like a personalised quote to begin your hair loss solution journey, fill in this Consultation Form, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a written quotation.

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Does SMP looks natural?

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation does look natural! We use specialised pigments and equipment designed to replicate the appearance of your natural hair follicles. Our highly skilled artists colour match the pigment to your existing hair and skin tone, tailoring the procedure to suit your desired outcome; density, shaven look or scar camouflage.

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Can you create a new hairline?

Yes, we can! With Scalp Micropigmentation you are able to fully customise a hairline and style that fits you. Our skilled artists will carry out a comprehensive consultation with you as you commence your journey with Foli Sim, talking through what is important to you and what desired results you are hoping to achieve. Before starting your SMP sessions you will know exactly what is achievable and what you should expect the end result to look like.

How long does the SMP process take?

In most cases, 2-4 sessions are required to achieve optimal results with your SMP and desired look. We recommend 7-14 days between sessions to ensure your scalp has time to heal and will take to the next round of pigment as best as possible.

Your first two sessions are where we build the density of your hair tattoo, while the third session completes the feathering and definition aspect of the procedure. Should a fourth session be required, your artist will communicate this with you in your initial, free consultation, so there will be no surprises at the end!

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Will the colour fade?

It is possible that with time and sun exposure, the pigment can lighten slightly. It may be necessary to see us in the future for a touch-up, just to bring the appearance back to its original high standard. Sun exposure and skin type can have an effect on the time between touch-ups that may be required, but this can be a matter of years down the track. We can also touch up or add more density if you experience further hair loss in the future.

How do you maintain SMP?

Following your SMP treatments, it is very important to take care of the treated area to ensure a successful long-term result. We recommend the use of a good-quality sunscreen and always wearing a hat while exposed to the sun. These small measures will help to ensure the appearance of your hair tattoo and ensure your procedure stays looking as it was originally intended by your artist, protecting you from damaging UV rays that can interfere with the work.

Does receiving SMP hurt?

We cannot guarantee you won’t feel a thing, as some areas of the scalp may be more sensitive than others. For example, you may feel the treatment more in the temple areas as opposed to the crown area.

Most of our clients remark that although they feel some discomfort during the SMP process, it is certainly bearable and not as painful as getting a traditional tattoo.

What if I lose more hair in the future?

One of the advantages of SMP, or hair tattooing, is that you can increase your coverage should you ever experience further hair loss in the future. The same goes if you find you wish to add further density or thickness in certain areas. Some also decide to eventually cover their entire scalp, creating an entirely new hairline for themselves, which is also achievable!

The benefit of SMP is not only the immediate impact on your confidence and appearance but the long-term flexibility it can provide you, with continued options depending on the amount of hair loss you may experience in the future.

Hear from Leading Practitioner, Kate Dawes, as she explains the personal benefits of having Scalp Micropigmentation.

Will Foli Sim SMP change colour?

SMP is a form of permanent cosmetic tattooing, but unlike some traditional tattooing or permanent makeup, the specialised pigment is designed to maintain the intended colour. The pigment may only lighten, not discolour over time. The difference is, at Foli Sim we utilise specialised pigments designed only for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, at Foli Sim we guarantee each treatment from start to finish, with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee commencing from the date of your 3rd session. The guarantee is valid for clients who attend the full series of recommended sessions as outlined by your SMP artist in your initial consultation.

If you wish to contact us with a follow-up question or want to know more about how and why we guarantee our results, get in touch with us now. Call: 1300 668 490

Does Foli Sim offer payment plans?

We offer six months of interest-free finance through our finance partners, ZipMoney. You can read more about our Payment Plans here, or speak to one of our friendly team members about your finance options, contact us today.
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What if I get grey hair?

If your remaining hair begins greying, it is easily fixed. Simply make a booking to have a touch-up and our artist will go over the existing SMP with a pigment shade that matches the greying areas.

Can I exercise post-treatment?

Gentle exercise is fine after day two following your procedure. However, we recommend that you refrain from excessive sweating until the scalp has completely healed.

Can I wear a hat after my treatment?

Yes, a clean hat can be worn following your SMP treatment.

What is the post-treatment aftercare?

We provide a comprehensive list detailing how to care for your scalp before and after your SMP treatment. Find our document here: Aftercare PDF

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