“I’m deeply passionate about SMP because it allows me to merge my creativity, technical expertise, and love for connecting with people. ”

Jasmine Tintor is a certified Scalp Micropigmentation artist in Foli Sim’s Melbourne studio.

Hello, I’m Jasmine, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Foli Sim SMP team in Melbourne, Australia. With 14 years of experience as a hairdresser and a successful stint running my own business, I decided to venture into the exciting world of scalp micropigmentation (SMP). My journey into SMP began with a solid foundation, as I completed my fundamentals training. Eager to refine my skills, I pursued advanced training under the guidance of industry experts Kate and Kelly from Foli Sim.

Joining the Foli Sim family in 2023 has been a transformative experience. Working alongside passionate professionals, I’ve not only honed my SMP skills but also contributed to creating incredible transformations for our clients. The opportunity to be a part of a team that values innovation, creativity, and client satisfaction is truly inspiring.

Beyond my professional life, I lead an active lifestyle, embracing the joys of fitness and good health. I also love travelling and exploring new places around the world, as well as spending quality time with my family. My vibrant and friendly personality finds its perfect match in the dynamic atmosphere at Foli Sim SMP, where I get to interact with amazing people daily.

I’m deeply passionate about SMP because it allows me to merge my creativity, technical expertise, and love for connecting with people. I believe in the power of SMP to not only transform appearances but also boost confidence and enhance lives. Every day at Foli Sim SMP is a new opportunity to inspire confidence, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients.

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