Hair Transplant Repair & Enhancement

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) offers a transformative solution for enhancing hair transplant outcomes, delivering a fuller hair appearance. SMP is meticulously applied to areas lacking hair or showing thinness, creating a natural-looking illusion of more hair density.

Additionally, SMP aids in reconstructing hairlines and camouflaging scars from prior hair transplants, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

The SMP artists at Foli Sim can help to enhance the results of a hair transplant procedure. Or, we can help explain what SMP is and how it may benefit wherever you are in your hair loss journey. 

Comparing SMP with other hair loss solutions

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scalp micropigmentation cost

Hair Transplant

scalp micropigmentation cost
Hair System
scalp micropigmentation cost
Ongoing Medication
Non-surgical scalp micropigmentation cost scalp micropigmentation cost scalp micropigmentation cost scalp micropigmentation cost
Immediate Results scalp micropigmentation cost  scalp micropigmentation cost scalp micropigmentation cost  scalp micropigmentation cost
Minimal Maintenance scalp micropigmentation cost scalp micropigmentation cost  scalp micropigmentation cost  scalp micropigmentation cost
Affordable Pricing scalp micropigmentation cost  scalp micropigmentation cost  scalp micropigmentation cost scalp micropigmentation cost
Realistic Results scalp micropigmentation cost scalp micropigmentation cost scalp micropigmentation cost scalp micropigmentation cost

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scalp micropigmentation cost

Elevate Your Hair Transplant Results With SMP

If you’ve previously undergone a hair transplant, you might still be searching for ways to maximise the results of your procedure. Many people can still experience hair loss and hair thinning post transplant, especially if they choose not to continue taking medication. This can lead to their natural hair further thinning in accordance with male or female pattern baldness, making their transplanted areas appear less dense.

Scalp Micropigmentation acts as the perfect finishing touch to your hair transplant enhancement journey. It effectively fills in sparse areas, offering a fuller, more uniform look that complements your existing hairline.

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Evolution of Hair Transplants: From Past Techniques to Modern Solutions

Hair transplants became popular in the 80s into the early 2000s. Luckily we have come a long way since then, with modern hair transplants using more advanced techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which allow for more natural-looking results and minimised scarring.

However, individuals who underwent hair transplants in earlier years often find themselves dissatisfied with their outcomes, leading them to explore various options to improve their transplant results. This includes seeking out medications or resorting to temporary hair fibres as means to enhance the appearance of their hair.

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scalp micropigmentation cost

Get The Hair Results You Want With Foli Sim

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As a non-invasive, low-maintenance, and cost-effective approach to addressing hair loss, Scalp Micropigmentation is designed to complement your hair transplant by refining your hairline and densifying sparse areas. Once your SMP procedure is complete, it requires minimal maintenance and just the occasional touch up if needed, if your pattern of hair loss advances. 

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke SMP solutions at Foli Sim, so you can be assured that your result will look perfectly natural and tailored to you. 

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scalp micropigmentation cost

Repair Hair Transplant With SMP – Frequently Asked Questions

Does SMP impact growth of the hair transplant?

No. Actually, as the process of applying Scalp Micropigmentation involves microneedles that deposit pigment into the scalp, it can stimulate hair follicles. This stimulation has the potential to rejuvenate dormant hair follicles, encouraging them to enter an active growth phase.

Can SMP repair the appearance of scars from previous hair transplants?

Yes, SMP is highly effective in concealing scars from previous hair transplants, including those from Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or strip surgery scars, as well as any scarring from Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures. It can blend the scarred areas with the surrounding scalp, making them less noticeable.

Is SMP a good option for me if I’m not satisfied with my older hair transplant results – do you offer bad hair transplant repair?

Absolutely. If you’re disappointed with the outcomes of an older hair transplant, such as uneven hairlines or sparse-looking areas, SMP can offer a significant improvement by adding density and creating a more even, natural-looking hairline.

Can SMP be combined with other hair loss treatments?

Yes, SMP can be effectively combined with other hair loss treatments, including hair transplants and medications. It’s often used as a complementary procedure to enhance the visual density of hair or to camouflage any remaining areas of concern after a transplant.

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