There’s no doubt about it, deciding to go under the needle for scalp micropigmentation or eyebrow feather blading can feel a bit daunting.

At Foli Sim we strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible, which is why we have interviewed our leading practitioner, Kate Dawes, so you can get to know her a little better and feel as confident as we do about her work.

Kate has over 30 years’ experience in the hair industry, is one of four registered trichologists in WA and the longest practicing practitioner of Scalp micropigmentation in Perth. Her number one priority is to make sure each one of her clients walks out of our clinic feeling happier with their hair, whether they’re the ones on your head or on your brow bones.

She knows hair inside out, so let’s get to know her a bit better too…

When did your interest in hair begin?

It’s a pretty unique story; I was studying costume design for theatre and my job was to make the wigs, and I really enjoyed it!

What qualifications did you set out to obtain?

First I became a hairdresser, which led to running a very successful salon in Melbourne for six years before we moved back to Perth. Then about 6 years ago I became one of only four trichologists registered with the International Association of Trichologist (IAT) in Western Australia.

After that I received a Diploma in scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and eyebrow pigmentation from Goldeneye Micropigmentation based in the UK, then went on to complete the ‘Master’s Scalp Micropigmentation’ course in New York City with internationally renowned expert Matt Iulo from Scalp Micro USA. All up, I’ve now been working in the hair industry for 30 years.

Wow, so you must be finished with education for now?

Not yet! I am currently finishing my Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutritional Medicine.

Why did you start practicing micropigmentation?

I was introduced to micropigmentation by Dr Martinick and Dr Kotai, who wanted to use it to camouflage the scarring from hair transplants.

I found this new technique so exciting for treating hair loss. It lets me use my knowledge of hair while allowing me to be really creative, which is something I missed since I stopped hairdressing.

What’s the most important thing to you when working with a client on their new look?

My number one priority is giving my clients the look they want, but making sure that it suits them too. They tell me what they want, and then I recommend certain hairlines to complement their face shape and SMP density to suit their natural density. We work together.

Why do you believe SMP is the best solution for people with thinning hair?

SMP is a fantastic alternative to other hair loss solutions and gives my clients a major confidence boost. While it doesn’t grow back your hair, it can add the appearance of density amongst both long and short hairs, and on shaved heads it’s a modern style in itself.

Eyebrows are big business right now, have you noticed more women opting for microblading recently?

Absolutely, thin eyebrows are out and big brows are in. Feather blading can give thicker eyebrows to women who have plucked their eyebrows into oblivion, or who aren’t naturally blessed with thick eyebrows.

However, you can bet that thin brows will be back in a few years, so a perk with this option is its semi-permanent, which means my clients will be able to get their slim brows back if they want them.

Can you tell us any examples where SMP has changed your clients’ lives?

I had a couple of older men who had unsuccessful hair transplants and scalp reductions when they were younger. This left them with scalps covered in scars, which they both kept hidden – one wore hats all the time and the other wore a hair piece. After having a full head of SMP, both have ditched their head coverings. It’s lovely to see the confidence they’ve gained since the treatment.

Have you seen any hair horror stories of clients opting for alternative hair loss solutions?

Yes, unfortunately there are many unscrupulous people in the hair loss industry who are only out to make a quick dollar and not look after their clients. The worse I have seen was a gentleman who had a synthetic hair transplant and it became infected. He wore a hair piece over it and when he took it off the smell was horrendous! He had the synthetic hair removed and was left with severe scarring. I say, shave your head and have SMP instead!

Have you noticed any trends in micropigmentation over the years?

Shaved heads have become really popular over the years, so scalp micropigmentation is a great way to get that modern look when you don’t have a naturally full head of hair. Right now solid and angular hairlines are all in, but only certain types of people can carry them off. I don’t think you can go wrong with a natural looking hairline.

What sets Foli Sim apart from other Micropigmentation clinics?

Foli Sim is a family run business, not an international franchise. The work you see on our website is my work, not someone else’s from overseas. In the micropigmentation industry, it is the practitioner that makes all the difference.

If anyone is considering SMP, what advice do you have for them?

Start by doing your research and finding pictures of the results you like. Then come in for a complimentary consultation with myself, as I’ll be the one doing your treatment – there’s no point talking to sales consultants! I also highly recommend you visit other clinics for consultations and see the difference between clinics. You have to feel comfortable and confident with your choice.

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