With rising popularity of scalp micropigmentation (SMP), more and more clinics are offering the hair loss solution.

Because of this, it can be difficult to decide which SMP clinic to go with, so we’ve outline five key points to take into account and help you choose the right scalp micropigmentation clinic.


A clinic’s reputation is arguably the most important factor.

They should make you feel at ease with outstanding customer service, quality before and after pictures or videos, free no obligation consultations, highly acclaimed testimonials, and they should always maintain full transparency with you.

If the worst case scenario happened and you were unhappy with your result, the clinic should rectify this by doing everything in their power to make sure you are left thrilled with your new look.

The second most important factor is the practitioner. As the demand for SMP increases so does the number of practitioners, but this can be a pitfall.

It is important that whoever completes your SMP procedure is qualified, has had substantial training and plenty of experience. If you are unsure, ask them for some before and after photos so that you can see their work.

Read about our leading practitioner Kate Dawes (and why we’re so proud of her) here.


The pigments, needles and tools a practitioner uses are also a key factor. It’s essential the technician uses a specific pigment designed for SMP and that it is correctly matched with your colouring.

At Foli Sim we sit down with you to choose the right colour based on your existing hair. If you’re completely bald, we’ll help you select a colour that compliments your skin colour and eyebrows.

We also use single-use needles, so we never reuse a needle to maintain the highest standard of hygiene possible.

These are the types of questions you need to be asking your clinic about: how do they select pigment, what pigment is it and do they use single-use needles?


The price of scalp micropigmentation varies from clinic to clinic.

One factor that impacts how expensive an SMP procedure is franchise fees. Large companies with many clinics will have to pay these fees, which will impact their profit and therefore the amount you’re charged.

Boutique clinics and smaller companies like Foli Sim don’t need to pay this extra cost, so we are usually cheaper than large multinational companies.


If you live far away from the clinic, you’ll need to take into account travel and accommodation expenses.

Because there is no recovery time, you won’t have to stay away from home to rest up, which is fantastic, however, you will have to return for another two or three sessions.

We currently have clinics in Perth and Melbourne; find out our exact locations to see if it’s close enough for you.

If you have any more questions, please call us on 1300 668 490, or book in a free, no obligation consultation at either our Perth, Sydney or Melbourne clinics.

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