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Looking to conceal scars with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)? Our experienced team at Foli Sim is ready to support you through this transformative journey with expert care and expertise.

We understand the emotional impact of scarring and are committed to providing support every step of the way, addressing any concerns or enquiries you may have.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) offers an innovative solution for those looking to cover head scars. Our customised SMP application process targets scarred areas on the head, seamlessly blending them with the surrounding scalp for a natural-looking result.

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How SMP Works For Head Scar Camouflage

Scars on the scalp, whether from injury, medical procedures, or previous hair transplants, can leave visible marks that many seek to conceal with aesthetic solutions.

Traditional methods like hair pieces or makeup offer temporary coverage but often fall short in terms of longevity and natural appearance.

SMP is a non-invasive procedure that uses lifelike pigment application to replicate the appearance of hair follicles, effectively camouflaging scars. Unlike temporary solutions, SMP offers a lasting, low-maintenance option that blends seamlessly with your natural hair growth pattern and effectively conceals scars.

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The Importance of a Tailored Approach

Each scar is unique, requiring a personalised approach to achieve the best results. Scalp Micropigmentation provides a customised solution tailored to the individual characteristics of your scars and scalp. Our skilled and qualified SMP artists at Foli Sim carefully design each SMP treatment plan to ensure optimal scar coverage and a natural look.

By choosing SMP, you benefit from a solution that is both durable and virtually undetectable, allowing you to go about your daily life with ease and comfort.


scalp micropigmentation cost

Explore Our Innovative Solutions for Scar Coverage at Foli Sim

Scalp Micropigmentation and Scalp Tricopigmentation

At Foli Sim, we understand the unique challenges that come with scarring on the scalp. Our SMP services are designed to address these challenges head-on, providing a realistic and lasting solution. Whether your scars are from surgery, injury, or hair transplants, our team is equipped to help you achieve a natural-looking result.

With SMP, you can enjoy a non-invasive, low-maintenance, and cost-effective solution that’s tailored just for you. Our team takes pride in delivering results that look and feel completely natural. Reach out to us today for a friendly consultation with no pressure or obligations.

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scalp micropigmentation cost

Scalp Micropigmentation for Scar Coverage – Frequently Asked Questions

What is scalp micropigmentation for scars?

Scalp micropigmentation for scars is a specialised procedure that uses pigment to replicate the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp, effectively camouflaging head scars and creating a uniform look. The SMP is designed to add coverage to the scarred area, therefore minimising its appearance.

Can SMP be used for hair transplant scars?

Yes, SMP is an excellent solution to cover your head scar from hair transplants. It can effectively conceal linear scars from Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and dot-like scars from FUE procedures. 

How does SMP cover FUE scars?

Absolutely. If you’re disappointed with the outcomes of an older hair transplant, such as uneven hairlines or sparse-looking areas, SMP can offer a significant improvement by adding density and creating a more even, natural-looking hairline. By adding pigment to areas of scarring, this can help to eliminate the contrast between the scalp and hair follicles around it. 

Can SMP be combined with other hair loss treatments?

SMP is highly effective for covering Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) scars. By matching the pigment to your natural hair colour and carefully applying it to the scarred areas, SMP blends the scars seamlessly with the surrounding hair. Likewise, SMP can also help with hair transplant enhancement, if you’d like assistance with more density work on your scalp. 

What are the benefits of SMP for scar coverage?

SMP offers numerous benefits for scar coverage, including a natural appearance, minimal maintenance, long-lasting results, and the ability to improve self-confidence by hiding visible scars.

How long does SMP last for scar coverage?

SMP hair tattoos for scars can last several years with minimal maintenance. Occasional touch-ups may be required to maintain the desired look, depending on factors like rate of hair loss, sun exposure and skin type.

Is SMP suitable for all types of scars on the head?

SMP is versatile and can be used to cover various types of scars, including those from surgery, injury, burns, and hair transplants. Our practitioners will assess your scars and provide a tailored treatment plan.

How do I book my consultation with Foli Sim?

To get started with your SMP journey, simply contact our friendly team to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today. We’re here to provide the scar coverage you’re seeking in a professional and supportive environment.

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