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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), commonly known by clients as hair tattoo, is a unique and highly specialised technique form of cosmetic tattooing used to replicate the appearance of added hair follicles on the scalp. SMP can be used for a number of reasons, from covering bald patches, to adding density to thinning hair, camouflaging scars to a solution to alopecia.

While SMP has been practised for over 20 years, the industry, equipment, pigments and techniques have recently advanced to new and exciting levels of professionalism and excellence. Popularity and demand for this non-invasive, non-surgical solution continues to rapidly grow, and the need for industry experts and qualified specialists will continue to grow with it.

Under our Director and Leading Practitioner, Kate Dawes, we offer one on one training sessions at our Fremantle studio location. If you are looking to add Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to your portfolio of services, there is no better option than to train with the best, and with over 30 years in the hair industry, Kate is the artist for the job.

As the training artist, you must possess patience, dedication, a lot of enthusiasm, and have an artistic flair in order to achieve realistic results for your future clients. Over the five days intensive course, Kate will help you develop and hone your skillset, and you will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge of a competent SMP artist.

Kate Dawes and Foli Sim are dedicated to graduating highly skilled and trained SMP artists, and maintaining the integrity of the industry within Australia, and internationally.

Meet The Trainer

Kate Dawes is the Founding Director and Leading Practitioner, based in Foli Sim’s Perth studio.

Kate is not only an internationally renowned SMP artist but a highly qualified and respected Trichologist, with over 30 years in the Australian hair industry. Kate is one of only a small group of Trichologists registered with the International Association of Trichologists (IAT) in Western Australia, specialising in male and female hair loss.

Kate herself has completed an extensive amount of training in SMP, making her the ideal artist to train under. She has trained both within Australia and internationally, and in 2011 completed her Diploma of Scalp Micropigmentation at UK based Goldeneye. In 2017, she completed her Masters in Scalp Micropigmentation in the USA, under the instruction of Scalp Micro USA’s world-renowned, Matt Iulo.

Prior to her role as Founding Director at Foli Sim, Kate also worked closely with Dr Jennifer Martinick and Dr Sara Kotai in the field of Medical Hair Restoration, through Nedlands based Trichology clinic, Medical Hair Restoration Australia.

“I was introduced to Scalp Micropigmentation by Dr Martinick and Dr Kotai, who wanted to utilise SMP to camouflage the scarring from hair transplants. I found this new technique so exciting for treating hair loss. It lets me use my knowledge of hair while allowing me to be really creative.”

Kate has also been an esteemed guest speaker and presenter at many national and international workshops and presentations, including the 2019 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) 27th World Congress Live Surgery Workshop, where international transplant doctors and surgeons had a chance to observe Kate perform her SMP treatment.

Kate’s attendance at these global seminars and conferences solidifies her professional reputation as one of the best in SMP, with Foli Sim as the leader in the coveted industry.

Some of Kate’s Graduating Class

Course Outline

Day 1: SMP Theory (No Model Required)

  • Health and Safety
  • Client medical history and client psychology
  • SMP consulting and pricing
  • Skin structure and scalp conditions
  • Equipment and types of pigments
  • Hair line and density designs
  • Camouflaging scars and creating natural looking density
  • How to treat clients with alopecia
  • SMP Aftercare

Day 2: Dummy Practice

  • Practising patterns on paper, fake skin and on a mannequin head
  • Learning graduating shading

Day 3: Design (Model Supplied)

  • Selecting the correct pigment colour
  • Creating a natural looking hairline
  • SMP Placement and blending

Day 4: Density Work (Model Supplied)

  • Achieving maximum density
  • Selecting the correct pigment type (and colour from Day Three’s lesson)
  • Blending SMP with existing hairs

Day 5: Scar Camouflage (Model Supplied)

  • Assessing scar tissue
  • Pretreatment needling
  • Placement blending

SMP Training Cost

The cost of the five day, one on one SMP training program with our Perth based, Leading Practitioner Kate Dawes, is $5,500 inclusive of GST.

Currently, training is only available at our Fremantle, WA studio, and this price does not include your additional travel costs or expenses.

For more information or to speak to one of our friendly team members about our industry-leading training courses, call us on 1300 668 490 or send us a message and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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