When Scott began losing his hair in his early 30’s, his confidence started to disappear too. As time went on, he was sick of hiding behind hair fibers and decided to take control, and that’s when he found scalp micropigmentation.

Here, Scott reveals his story about his hair loss, how he found scalp micropigmentation in Australia, and his experience with Foli Sim.

Scott’s Story

Tell us about your hair loss story and what you did in the beginning.

I first noticed my hair loss a couple of years ago, but it got really bad over the last 12 months for some reason.

I had been using hair fibers to cover it up, which was working quite well, but it was a big commitment every day and something I thought about constantly – like what if it rains heavily or someone ruffles my hair? I felt very self conscious about the whole thing.

How did you feel when you started loosing your hair?

I felt like I wasn’t completely myself all of a sudden, and was starting to look heaps older. I just wasn’t comfortable with it like some guys are so, I started searching for options!

Discovering Scalp Micropigmentation

How did you hear about scalp micropigmentation?

I stumbled upon SMP on Instagram. After looking at lots of pages, the Foli Sim page had me wanting to know more after seeing the natural results achieved.

What were your first thoughts about SMP?

I didn’t think it would look natural in real life, but I was taken with the reviews and struggled to find a bad one about the procedure unless it had been done by an unqualified person.

Foli Sim Review

Why did you choose Foli Sim?

After enquiring, I felt like I was dealing with a really professional company who had been in the profession for a while. And the results spoke for themselves!

How did you feel after the consultation with Kate?

I felt very reassured, Kate was fantastic in understanding that there is a million questions you want to ask and I felt at ease immediately. I felt incredibly confident I was going to achieve the results I wanted!

How did you find the SMP procedure? Were you nervous? Was it painful?

I went into it very nervous, but felt comfortable again when we were about to start. Kate was very aware and caring about how I could be a little bit on edge about the procedure.

The pain I would describe as mildly uncomfortable, but completely bearable. After a while you become accustomed to it, and at one stage during my second session I drifted off to sleep!

Can you describe how you felt after the procedure?

The first time I looked in the mirror after the first session I felt a wave of confidence come over me. Seeing my hairline restored to where it should have been was the best feeling.

And this was only after the first session, once it was completed I looked like myself again and just so grateful!

Why would you recommend Foli Sim?

These guys are clear industry leaders in Australia. Having dealt with a couple of other companies, Foli Sim were by far the most informative and professional, whilst also being so friendly and making me feel completely at ease!

What would you say to those considering SMP?

Just do it! If you feel like you have lost confidence or your hair loss is worrying you then get this procedure. I don’t even really think about my hair now and I guarantee you will be thrilled with the results, it’ll change your way of life!

Want to know more?

Check out our scalp micropigmentation before and after shots, or book your free consultation at either a Perth or Melbourne clinic by calling 1300 668 490 or booking a free consultation. We can’t wait to meet you and start your story!

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