A couple of common questions that many ask about Scalp Micropigmentation are: “how long will it last? and “is SMP permanent?” There’s no straightforward answer, since everybody’s scalp is different and there are many factors to take into account. Consider the following before choosing SMP as a solution to your hair loss or thinning; we’re confident that you’ll find it both cost-effective and worthwhile for its longevity.

Is SMP a Permanent Hair Loss Solution?

Scalp Micropigmentation by Foli Sim is considered permanent, however touch-ups are sometimes required after 3-5 years, especially if you are experiencing further hair loss. Generally, most clients have long-lasting results, but there are some ways to minimise fading and to extend the results further.

These include:

  • Ink quality: What is the quality of ink (pigment) used in the treatment process? A reputable clinic will use only the best quality ink products that fade minimally over time.
  • Clinician’s expertise: A more experienced clinician can use high-quality inks in a manner that will yield longer-lasting results. This includes precisely colour-matching the pigment.
  • Sun exposure: Too much time spent under the Australian sun can accelerate fading, so if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure you wear a hat or find appropriate shade.

How Often Do I Need a Touch-Up Session?

It depends largely on how much the pigmentation has faded, but after 3-5 years, most clients should consider getting a touch-up. These sessions will boost the colour and appearance for years to come. Consider booking an appointment sooner if your scalp’s pigmentation has faded before this time rather than letting it continue to fade.

Also, remember to ask the clinic performing the treatment about follow-up procedures. You will need to avoid excessive sunlight and care for your scalp more conservatively in the days and weeks following the first treatment sessions. In this regard, it is somewhat similar to a skin tattoo; you must give it the appropriate time to properly heal.

How to Prolong the Effects of SMP

The best ways to prolong the appearance of your SMP treatment include:

  • Always book a consultation with a qualified and experienced clinic that specialises in SMP.
  • Ask the clinician about the ink they use and how long it can typically last (i.e. for previous clients).
  • Reduce exposure to the sun and keep your scalp covered if you intend to be out and about.

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