Hair tattooing, formally called scalp micropigmentation (or SMP for short), is making a big buzz here in Australia and elsewhere as a real alternative to traditional hair loss treatments.

Is SMP Really Guaranteed?

Perhaps you’ve gone through hair loss before or know someone who has. Seldom, if ever, is there a ‘silver bullet’ solution to restoring that lush, full scalp of hair. Instead, people dealing with hair loss often have to swallow a hard pill; no matter the time, effort, and cash dumped into various hair loss treatments, it’s a matter of percentages.

Regaine (often called Rogaine as it is sold in America) is one of the first that often comes to mind. Whilst for some the results are spectacular, for others it can take months of effort, only for the hair loss to continue therefore giving uncertain results for some users.

SMP, when delivered by a skilled artist is guaranteed, and that’s not an exaggeration, simply due to how it works.

How Does SMP Work?

Technically, SMP works much as a ‘normal’ tattoo would. There are needles and pigment, and that pigment is injected into the skin. But rather than leaving behind a custom graphic, SMP aims to replicate the appearance of hair, or to ‘fill in’ patchy areas to diminish the appearance of hair loss.

That’s why it’s guaranteed. Forget the idea that SMP will restore your hair entirely, as that isn’t its purpose. SMP is a predictable and immediate solution for men and women who are undergoing hair loss and would rather let biology run its course and cover-up that hair loss, than opt for costly treatments that may have a low chance of success.

Why is SMP Trending Lately?

There are many possible reasons why SMP has gotten quite popular lately – for none of which we would dare complain! The technology certainly isn’t new; SMP treatments were being performed in America in the 1990s, for example. It could simply be that SMP is a niche hair loss treatment solution, so the practitioners here in Australia were few and far between even a decade ago and remain quite limited in supply to this day. That’s all changing. Foli Sim is a dedicated clinic specialising in premium Scalp Micropigmentation. With clinics in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth employing only highly skilled and internationally-trained SMP practitioners. As more and more satisfied customers receive SMP treatment, the word inevitably spreads about the benefits of SMP and the snowball effect starts kicking in.

Where Can I Get SMP Treatment?

It’s often called a ‘hair tattoo’ but however you refer to it, it isn’t a treatment that any old tattoo parlour can perform here in Australia. Instead, it’s essential you choose a reputable, professional clinic with highly trained staff to ensure that the treatment sessions go exactly as anticipated and leave natural-looking, lasting results.

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