As Scalp Micropigmentation becomes more and more popular as a solution for hair loss, so does SMP artists’ demand. It is fantastic to see that SMP is being more welcomed but let me say this– not everyone can be an SMP artist!

Unfortunately, the popularity of SMP is producing an increase of under-qualified and under-trained ‘artists’ and some clinics are delivering poor quality and unnatural Scalp Micropigmentation.

Sadly, we have seen countless men and women who have fallen victim to such clinics.

As a result, the client has already likely completed 2-4 sessions of SMP, spent buckets of money and used a lot of time, only to now do it all over again – and then some. The pigment needs to be lightened or in some case removed by laser before any more pigment can be put in to start correcting the Scalp. Considering that a single laser session can cost up to $400 per session (on top of the time and money already spent on the ‘bad’ SMP).

This begs the question – how can a person make sure that they are in the hands of a skilled and highly trusted artist that will deliver nothing but the highest quality SMP?

Our answer…?


Artists and clinics must be transparent with nothing to hide. It is imperative to research the clinic as a whole and the individual artist’s qualifications, experience, testimonials, and portfolio. This is essential as some clinics house artists with minimal to no experience or qualifications, only having completed online training or weekend courses.

Also, SMP is not one size fits all! Every person’s hairline, skin tone, age, hair colour, style and personality are different, and as a result, SMP needs to be tailored to the individual.

To achieve individualised and tailored SMP to suit you requires more than just a qualification. It requires creative flair, attention to detail and experience in creating beautifully blended, natural, and seamless Scalp Micropigmentation that replicates your real hair.

What do I need to know? 

To avoid falling victim to undesirable SMP results, here are some essential questions to consider when researching which clinic and artist are right for you and who deliver the highest quality results.   

SMP Artist and Clinic Checklist

  • Where has the artist completed their training, and do they specialise in SMP?
  • *Cosmetic tattoo artists and tattoo artists are NOT SMP artists. SMP is a highly specialised avenue of cosmetic tattooing*
  • What are the artists’ experiences in various skin types- how many different scalps have they been exposed to, i.e. sun damage, various forms of alopecia, different ethnicities and hair colour?
  • What experience do the artists have in hairline design?
  • Do they have an easily accessible portfolio of their own work?
  • Do they have certified honest and genuine customer reviews?
  • What type of pigment does the artist use?
  • *Foli Sim artist’s all use a carbon-based pigment, where the undertone is black. There are no blue/green/pink/red undertones. The pigment we use id designed specifically for SMP*
  • How many clients have the artist worked on during their career?
  • How current are the artist’s work and portfolio?
  • How long has the clinic been operating?
  • What health and safety and standards are upheld by the artist and is the clinic itself certified with the Health Department?

High quality Scalp Micropigmentation is a wonderful non-surgical hair loss solution, and its growing popularity is fantastic. Use the questions above to help decide between high quality clinics and artists and don’t fall victim to bad SMP.

High quality is never an accident, it is the result of highly skilled practitioners!

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