What exactly does Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) look like? If you’re planning to undergo treatment for camouflaging scalp scars, blend in thinning hair, or create the permanent look of a five o’clock shadow after experiencing significant hair loss, SMP is amongst the best methods for most people. However, what should you expect from this treatment in terms of physical appearance?

Does it Look Real?

Yes, when delivered by a highly skilled artist SMP looks like the ‘real deal’, and it definitely doesn’t look like a tattoo at all. To the naked eye both from a distance and up close, SMP looks like a buzz cut and it resembles a full head of hair when used to camouflage areas of thinning hair.

We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we welcome prospective clients to view the results for themselves on our website and social media pages. An even better alternative is to enquire with us and view our customer testimonials; with the permission of previous clients, we can provide you with photos or to meet a client and see SMP in person. This will help you decide for yourself whether or not it’s what you’re looking for.

What Will the Micro Tattoos Look Like Over Time?

Over time, SMP will lighten (especially with sun exposure). Coupled together with the possibility of further hair loss you can expect to require ‘touch-ups’ to your SMP anywhere between the 2-5 year mark. The good news is all that’s generally needed to restore the original SMP is one or two touch-up sessions.

In terms of pigment migration, this effect can occur when incorrect techniques, pigment or equipment is used. For this reason, we recommend ensuring your artist has been correctly trained for SMP and uses the specialised technique, pigment and equipment.

If Tattoos can Turn Green or Blue – Does This Happen With SMP?

Some clients are concerned that the pigment will eventually adopt a greenish or bluish tint. While this can occur when incorrect pigments / techniques are used, it can be resolved fairly quickly with one or two touch-up sessions, in extreme cases, removal may be necessary.

The carbon based pigments that are universally used for SMP, create a cool grey tone, this is how it resembles hair under the skin.

Will My Scalp Look Any Different After SMP, i.e. Are There Any Temporary Effects?

For most clients undergoing SMP, it’s quite normal to see a noticeable redness to the scalp within the first day or two after the treatment. It’s more noticeable for those of us with paler skin, but if you have a darker skin tone, it’s quite subtle. This subsides within a couple of days.

Another possible effect you may notice is that the colour may somewhat fade after the first session. Don’t be alarmed this is normal: multiple sessions are necessary for your scalp to acquire the correct shade and density.

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