Scalp Micropigmentation is an increasingly attractive hair loss treatment solution for men and women, but how does it stack up to hair regrowth treatments, wigs, and hair transplants? Let’s find out a little more:

A Trip to the Hair Salon

Consider a little ‘napkin math’: an average men’s haircut in Melbourne is about $35-40 (let’s say $35) and perhaps a cut is needed every 2 weeks. That’s $70 per month and $840 per year, not to mention the time it takes out of the workday or leisure time to go and get it done.

For women, well, there are so many variables that can bump up the price but let’s assume about $80 in Melbourne every 8-12 weeks (assume 12 weeks). That works out to about $350 per year as a conservative estimate, every single year. Colouring and additional styling can easily bump this number way up to $1000 or more every year.

Hair Transplant Surgery

One of the most frequent solutions that thinning or balding men and women look to is hair transplant surgery. By moving existing, healthy follicles from the scalp to a restoration site where hair is thinning or balding is occurring, you may be able to regrow your hair and reverse pattern baldness. This can however come at a high cost.

Topical Creams

Products such as Regaine (Rogaine) and Minoxidil are commercially-available methods of promoting healthy hair growth, but they don’t work for everyone. Treatment is applied topically to the scalp every day and with prices ranging from about $30 for a two months’ supply of Minoxidil or about $55 for a one month’s supply of Regaine, it may at first appear to be the most cost-effective solution.

The thing is, there’s no telling exactly whether or not it will work for you, and results can begin to show after four months or perhaps longer. Perhaps results will never come. If hair regrowth is what you’re after, topical creams may work for you, but be aware that they aren’t guaranteed to work and they may have unpleasant side effects as well such as hair re-growing where you don’t want it to.

SMP Treatment

Estimates vary from clinic to clinic, as does quality, but generally a full SMP treatment can cost anywhere between $2000-4000 in total. Hourly rates will also vary. Unlike other solutions, however, if completed by a highly skilled practitioner SMP can offer a hair loss solution that not only looks fantastic but also offers little up-keep or maintenance.

Is SMP Worth It?

Considering the potential high costs of other alternatives and their lack of a guarantee for success and satisfaction, we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with Scalp Micropigmentation delivered by Foli Sim for cost reasons and for its many other benefits as well.

Foli Sim Scalp Micropigmentation

Obtain a reliable quote for SMP by getting in touch with the friendly folk at Foli Sim Scalp Micropigmentation. We can provide you with solutions that will restore your confidence at an affordable cost.

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