When you own and operate a family business, it’s pretty great when more of your relatives want to get involved. So Foli Sim’s founders were delighted when their daughter, Kelly Dawes, decided to join Foli Sim’s Melbourne clinic as a certified scalp micropigmentation artist.

We of course know Kelly and her skills well, but we’d like you to get to know her too so that you feel just as confident in her ability as we do.

Congratulations on joining Foli Sim, Kelly! How did you get into SMP, and what were you doing before?

Thank you! I’m a qualified remedial massage therapist and I also do social media marketing.

I decided to join my father and step mother at Foli Sim when I saw how incredibly rewarding this line of work is, and just how much fun it can be!

How long have you been practising scalp micropigmentation (SMP)?

I completed my training in SMP in May 2017. I then continued to train extensively with Kate and Suzi in the Perth and Melbourne clinics to further my knowledge in the area. After this I traveled to London to complete a Master SMP course with the renowned Brandwood Clinic.

I try to keep my knowledge expanding by following every change in the industry. The learning never ends!

What excites you most about SMP?

This industry is still relatively new and so is everyone in it. SMP is growing rapidly, and it’s always changing. I only see it getting bigger and better as the years go on!

Because the majority of people are able to get SMP, it makes it a widely available hair loss treatment.

Aside from your skill set, why else would you encourage people to come and see you for SMP?

I’m so passionate about what I do and take the time to tailor this treatment to suit every individual I meet.

I am very empathetic to the situation each of my clients present. Men and women alike can suffer emotionally due to their hair loss, so I try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Can you give us any examples where SMP has changed your clients’ lives?

All of my clients have come to me wearing either hats, hair systems or topical solutions such as hair fibres. Some have even had hair transplants.

The difference SMP has made for these people is phenomenal. Recreating their hairlines and giving them the confidence to not have to wear hats or hair systems free’s them up so much.

They no longer have to worry about a night out where they can’t wear their hat, or going to the beach with hair fibres running down their face.

What advice do you have for anyone considering SMP?

Just go for it! Start researching different technicians and clinics, find someone that does the style you like, and book consultations.

You’ll feel you can make a well-informed choice after sitting down and talking with your potential technician.

What do you like most about Foli Sim as a company? And you can’t say having your parents as your bosses.

Foli Sim is extremely focused on giving clients the best service possible.

You’ll be given a five-star treatment from the very first message or phone call, all the way down to a consultation and procedure. We value having very friendly and empathetic team members.

To meet Kelly or any of our practitioners in person, please call 1300 668 490 for your free consultation, or hit the button below to fill out an online enquiry form

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