Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is the most common form of hair loss among men. Affecting up to 70% of men at some point in their lives, this condition often has more than just physical implications; it can take a considerable toll on one’s self-esteem and psychological well-being. For many, it’s not just about the receding hairline or thinning crown, but the underlying fear of aging, losing attractiveness, or not fitting societal standards of appearance.

But you’re not alone, and there are effective solutions available to address male pattern baldness.

Symptoms of male pattern baldness

Recognising the early symptoms of male pattern baldness is key to taking proactive steps. The initial signs usually manifest as a receding hairline and/or thinning at the crown of the head. Hair loss patterns differ significantly across individuals and can manifest at any stage in life. Some men may notice signs of hair thinning as early as 18 and continue to experience it as they age.

Some may notice diffuse thinning all over the scalp, while others might see pronounced hair loss in specific areas. Knowing these early-stage male pattern baldness symptoms helps you identify when you should seek professional help, if these symptoms are of concern to you.
Symptoms of male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness symptoms

To better understand the progression of hair loss, professionals often use the Norwood Scale as a standardised measurement tool.

What is the Norwood Scale?

The Norwood Scale classifies the stages of male pattern baldness into seven main categories:

  1. Norwood 1: No significant hair loss or receding hairline.
  2. Norwood 2: Early stage male pattern baldness. The hairline starts to recede, usually in a pattern that resembles the letter ‘M’.
  3. Norwood 3: The recessions become deeper, and thinning at the crown becomes noticeable.
  4. Norwood 4: Hairline recession is more severe, and a bald spot may appear at the crown.
  5. Norwood 5: The bald areas at the front and crown continue to grow, but a thin division remains.
  6. Norwood 6: The division between the bald areas diminishes, leading to a larger bald area.
  7. Norwood 7: Only a band of hair remains around the sides and back of the scalp.

What is the Norwood Scale

Male pattern baldness stages & the Norwood Scale

Understanding where you fall on the Norwood Scale is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it allows for a standardised discussion about the extent of your hair loss, making consultations with professionals more effective, as you gain an understanding of the severity and progression of your hair loss. Secondly, knowing your stage helps in deciding the most suitable hair restoration options.

Scalp micropigmentation as a hair loss solution

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an innovative, non-surgical treatment that replicates the appearance of a fuller head of hair by carefully tattooing microdots of pigment into the scalp.

SMP is non-invasive, affordable, and a more natural hair loss option in comparison to other hair restoration options.

SMP provides a realistic and long-lasting solution to hair loss, which requires little maintenance or upkeep. One of the key benefits is that it delivers natural-looking results, tailored to your hair colour, skin tone, and personal preferences.

Do you have to be completely bald to be eligible for SMP?

No, you don’t need to be completely bald to qualify for SMP. If you have noticed the first signs of hair loss, such as thinning hair or a receding hairline, SMP can be effectively woven into these areas to provide the appearance of denser hair and a restored hairline.

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When to consider SMP

Determining the right time to consider SMP largely depends on your individual hair loss progression and your comfort level with your appearance. If you’re noticing escalating symptoms or find yourself increasingly concerned about your hair loss, it might be an appropriate time to explore SMP.

Hair loss is a personal experience, and when it gets to the point where it starts to bother you personally, you can start exploring your options.

At Foli Sim, our consultation process is designed to be thorough, empathetic and personalised. We understand that hair loss is a deeply personal experience, and we do not take this lightly.

Our team is committed to understanding your needs and suggesting the most effective SMP option for your degree of hair loss and personal preferences. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality SMP solutions by a team that genuinely cares.

You’re not alone in your hair loss experience

Male pattern baldness is a common condition affecting a large percentage of men. Recognising its symptoms early on and understanding your stage via the Norwood Scale are essential steps in managing this condition effectively. Our high-quality and effective SMP services for men provide a realistic, durable, and non-surgical solution to address varying stages of hair loss.

If you’re facing hair loss and seeking a trusted, reliable solution, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at Foli Sim. Our team of SMP experts is ready to guide you through a personalised consultation to discuss your needs and treatment options. Contact us today to reclaim not just your hair, but also your confidence.

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