No pun intended, but there’s quite a bit of buzz around hair tattoos lately. Formally known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP), hair tattoos are getting their well-deserved spotlight for both men and women looking to achieve a great look even with thinning hair or the onset of pattern baldness.

How Does SMP Work?

Perhaps you’ve seen photos making their rounds on the internet of women with ghastly eyebrow tattoos that look noticeably fake. Get that image out of your mind. SMP is a technique whereby micropigmentation (small tattoos) are made along the scalp to create a realistic, natural-looking shaved head effect that looks authentic from a distance and up close.

But Does it Really Work?

SMP works for men and women who are experiencing thinning hair and total or partial hair loss. Yes, it works in that it achieves a natural look which can accomplish two main goals:

For thinning hair, it fills in the areas where thinning occurs to give a natural appearance of thickness;
For balding, it resembles a natural ‘buzz cut’ appearance, giving the appearance of a neatly shaven head of hair.
In brief, yes, SMP works at mitigating the downsides of thinning and balding, so it’s ideal whether you’re already completely bald or are losing hair gradually.

In unique circumstances, SMP hair tattoo can also work to help camouflage scars from past surgeries, in particular FUT / FUE scars from hair transplant surgeries. However each scar is unique and all skin heals differently, so your SMP artist will consult you as to whether this camouflage option is achievable for you.

Does SMP Reverse Hair Loss?

No. It’s important to note that SMP is simply microscopic ‘tattoos’ of pigmentation that, when repeated in a pattern, is identical to the appearance of a shaved head. It does not address the underlying causes of hair thinning or hair loss, so if you are trying to regrow your hair SMP may not be right for you.

Do note, however, that hair regrowth treatment plans can be prohibitively expensive and aren’t guaranteed to work for each and every man and woman. If you prefer these options or are considering SMP, it’s always best to speak to a hair loss consultant first to know which solutions may work best for your circumstances.

What Benefits does SMP Have for Me?

Further answering the question ‘does scalp micropigmentation really work,’ the benefits are strikingly positive for those who have undergone the process. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Restores confidence and self-esteem for those afraid of balding or thinning hair;
  • Camouflages hair loss to resemble a full head of hair;
  • Cost-effective treatments that are superior to other costly hair regrowth treatments;
  • No more trips to the barber or hair salon;
  • When delivered by a skilled artist It doesn’t look fake at all;
  • Consistent appearance that doesn’t require grooming to maintain (hair styling products, combing, etc.)

Who Gets the Best Results From SMP?

SMP is available for both men and women. We suggest if SMP is something you are considering simply contact our office and make an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation and assessment.

When it comes to quality, however, you’re always going to get more satisfying results from a trained technician that specialises in SMP. For this reason, it’s always wise to do your research and to enquire with clinics about their services and don’t hesitate to ask for some testimonials before making the decision to go forward with the treatment.

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