Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an amazing treatment for hair loss and the overwhelming majority of satisfied clients who have gotten it agree. There’s no particular age group, demographic or gender that is excluded either. Men and women alike can take advantage of SMP treatments to deal with hair loss or thinning.

Why Do Women Consider SMP Treatments?

Perhaps the most common reason that anyone, man or woman, chooses to undergo SMP treatment is to camouflage the effects of hair loss. For women that are experiencing thinning hair or patches that cause them to lose confidence, SMP can provide excellent masking of bald patches and thinning hair segments.

Another popular reason, albeit less for most women than for men, is to achieve an all-shaven ‘buzz cut’ look in the event of complete baldness. Some women don’t mind the appearance at all, and a buzz cut look may complement a particular style or simply be preferable to complete baldness.

Last and certainly not least, a popular reason to choose SMP is to cover up scars on the scalp. Unsightly scars that you may wish to hide or cover up can be essentially hidden with the clever use of SMP. Browse our gallery for examples of SMP for women.

Is SMP Suitable for Women?

Although SMP is traditionally associated with men who are undergoing hair loss, perhaps due to age or male pattern baldness, it’s perfectly suitable for women as well. It is true that most of our clients tend to be men, but this could be due to the prevalence of these conditions in men as opposed to women.

Nevertheless, women suffering from hair loss, women with patchy hair that impacts their confidence and appearance, or women that want to cover up a scar can all take advantage of SMP treatments with superb results.

Is SMP Worth It for Women?

This is a personal question, and the same can be asked of men, too. Relatively cheaper hair regrowth products such as Regaine can be far better money-wise, but remember that they’re not guaranteed to work, and you may end up spending hundreds or even thousands out of pocket as you continue to apply these types of products.

Similarly, hair transplant treatments can be prohibitively costly and unrealistic for many Australians. Other hair loss treatments have their own pros and cons, all of which should be carefully considered before choosing what’s best for you.

Having said that, SMP is unique amongst hair loss treatment solutions in that its effects are guaranteed. The reason is that it doesn’t actually promote hair growth at all, but rather SMP camouflages patchy areas of the scalp with micro tattoos that resemble a natural scalp of hair. For these reasons and many more, SMP is ideal as a permanent solution to hair loss that has guaranteed results.

Foli Sim

Women that want guaranteed results for hair loss, to cover up and mask scarring on the scalp, or to restore their full confidence should look no further than Foli Sim for high-quality, professional SMP treatment in Australia. We operate in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney and provide clients with exceptional SMP services by appointment. Book a consultation today.


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